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Gameroom Junkies Podcast 70

Recorded: April 2017
Length: 1:32:48

Preston traveled a bunch and saw a bunch of arcade stuff including the Midwest Gaming Classic and a Denver arcade scene roundup. Bryan is back for another console corner to talk the Nintendo Switch and more. Other stuff.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 69

Recorded: February 2017
Length: 1:34:21

back to basics here at the Gameroom Junkies Podcast. Hoarders rejoice! In this episode we’re talking collecting. After some regular updates, we get to the heart of the matter and discuss ten tips to get your collection under control. Preston talks about taking the plunge on his new Ghostbusters pinball machine and Patrick finally conquers Asteroids Deluxe. For a little fun, we play a little game of Codenames, but not the hit tabletop game, this one tests Patrick’s knowledge of project codenames for Stern pinball machines. Cinnabon, anyone?

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 68

Recorded: December 2016
Length: 1:41:44

That’s all she wrote for 2016! Updates, trip report, comic book goodness, and Bryan gives us his Top 10 console games of the year.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 67

Recorded: November 2016
Length: 1:03:44

Legendary game designer Rand Miller discusses his early days founding Cyan, hitting it big with ‘Myst,’ and designing his newest creation ‘Obduction’ in this interview from SIEGE Con.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 66

Recorded: September 2016
Length: 1:09:27

Patrick interviews Joe Granato about his film ‘The New 8-Bit Heroes.’ We talk games at Dragon Con, the new Batman ’66 pinball game from Stern, and more.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 65

Recorded: September 2016
Length: 30:10

In this podcast, recorded at Dragon Con 2016, Richard Garriott describes his interest in gaming, the origins of ‘Ultima,’ and his latest adventure game creation- ‘Shroud of the Avatar.’

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 64

Recorded: August 2016
Length: 1:41:33

Gen Con 2016, Designers’ Top Atari Games, San Francisco Pinball League, Pacific Pinball Museum, Listener Mailbag, VHS find of the decade.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 63

Recorded: June 2016
Length: 1:14:40

Veteran actor and ’80s movie icon Lance Guest sat down at the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo to discuss his role as Alex Rogan in the ’80s sci-fi classic, The Last Starfighter.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 62

Recorded: May 2016
Length: 2:15:25

We went to Momocon and talked to a bunch of indie video game developers with cool projects. We also have a great interview with Charlie Emery of Spooky Pinball we recorded at the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo 2016. We have a bunch of other stuff including gameroom talk, the Journey arcade machine, SFGE memories, and the retro kid’s gameshow Video Power!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 61

Recorded: April 2016
Length: 1:38:37

SFGE planning update, then we go down a Vectrex rabbit hole, lament a broken water heater and flooded basement full of games, go over our current obsessions, and wax poetic about a Polygon article about what it takes to run a location-based arcade in today’s economic market.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 60

Recorded: February 2016
Length: 1:58:54

In episode sixty of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast, we sit down and interview part of the development team responsible for bringing SKYCURSER, the new retro-style arcade game to the modern arcade marketplace. But wait. That’s not all. We also talk about: A massive warehouse raid, Ghost Busters pinball, Our Top 5 ghostly pinball machines, and “Console Corner” featuring Undertale, The Division, Rollers of the Realm, and more

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 59

Recorded: January 2016
Length: 1:28:51

In this episode a new Alien Pinball playfield reveal gets us thinking about all the great alien-themed games, so of course we made up our list of the top 10 classic arcade games involving aliens. While that conversation certainly takes up a large portion of the show, we also take some time to share our thoughts on the brand new Spider-Man Vault Edition pinball machine from Stern Pinball. And more!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast 58

Recorded: December 2015
Length: 2:10:16

Preston and Patrick debrief and talk all about their time in Orlando at Free Play Florida! Our interviews this month include two fantastic filmmakers, ‘Joysticks’ director Greydon Clark and ‘Nintendo Quest’ director, Rob McCallum. Gameroom updates and an announcement about a new guest for SFGE 2016 round out our holiday episode.

GJ57Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 57

Recorded: November 2015
Length: 1:30:54

Everybody who is anybody in the amusement industry makes a point to attend the annual International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA 2015) Expo each year, which is why your favorite podcast hosts made a trip down to Orlando, Florida for this year’s event! As far as coin-op gaming goes, exhibitors included Raw Thrills, SEGA, Jersey Jack Pinball, Bandai Namco, ICE, and more. Come along with us as we recount our time spent playing the all the newest arcade and pinball machines the industry has to offer.

On the IAAPA 2015 show floor, the executive vice president of Bandai Namco amusements steps up to the mic to tell us about the new Galaga Assault redemtion game, the world’s largest Pac-Man machine, and how the Star Wars: Battle Pod is continuing to gain popularity. After that we speak to a representative for Adrenaline Amusements about how your favorite mobile games equal big fun in an arcade environment. Lastly, before we traveled to Orlando, we had the opportunity to interview CEO and founder of Stern Pinball, Gary Stern, about what the world’s largest pinball manufacturer is up to and to learn more about their newest title,Game of Thrones.


56_thumbGameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 56

Recorded: October 2015
Length: 1:06:34

Our Halloween show isn’t very spooky, but in this episode of the podcast we do share some Halloween stories and plenty of gameroom updates to get you in the spirit. If spooks and specters aren’t your cup of tea, then you’ll enjoy hearing about some of the cool new things we found on the interwebs. We cover everything from a cool Pong watch instructables to Vec9, a homebrew Soviet-era vector arcade game. Later in the show we share our own “arcade confessions” in solidarity with other arcade enthusiasts on, plus Preston talks about his experience trying out the newly-released Just Dance 2016! Speaking of reviews, Preston goes on to share his thoughts about the new video game documentary Nintendo Questwhich prompts a discussion about several other video game-focused documentaries which neither of us have ever heard about. This is a shorter episode (if you can call an hour “short”), but filled with fun chatter about the things we love.


55_thumbGameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 55

Recorded: September 2015
Length: 1:27:34

It’s a great time to be a gamer! Whether you’re a fan of classic arcades, new consoles, or pinball machines, it seems there’s always something to be excited about. In this episode of the podcast, we talk about new additions and updates to our personal gamerooms. In the “Console Corner” segment, Bryan dishes about his love for Mario Maker and helps Preston try to understand the allure of the Amiibo. The big announcement this month has been the revelation that Stern Pinball is releasing an all new Game of Thrones pinball machine. Tune in to hear about some of the features and our thoughts on the game photos before we dive into the mailbag. Listeners ask the Junkies for our thoughts on the rise of arcades as bars, our favorite ’90s games, and advice on a game pickup.


54_thumbGameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 54

Recorded: August 2015
Length: 1:22:38

Patrick is out sick this episode, so our good friend Bryan is filling in as co-host. After some brief updates we dive into an overdue “console corner” segment for some talk about Rocket League, my confusion over Bayonetta, and more. After that we answer some listener questions about our thoughts on the new Guitar Hero versusRock Band 4 this fall and our picks for the greatest shots in pinball. We close out our show with the audio from the SFGE panel “Coding and Creating: The Challenge of Creating Custom Games.” The panelists all have extensive experience creating custom games and overcoming obstacles. Speakers include Paul Kiefert (Python’s Pinball Circus), Gerry Stellenberg (P3 Pinball Platform), Scott Hale (Hale Games), and Jimmy Lipham (Demolition Man 2000). Discussion topics include first steps, programming tools of choice, and the inspiration for creating custom games, among others.


53_thumbGameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 53

Recorded: July 2015
Length: 1:22:20

The bulk of this episode is an interview we recorded live at SFGE with long time arcade collector and YouTube celebrity John Jacobsen. John is the host ofJohn’s Arcade, a popular YouTube channel featuring arcade game restoration, how-to guides, collecting adventures, gameplay tips, and more! In addition to his video series, John is co-host of Video Game Outsiders, Arcade Outsiders, and part of the band The Kill Screens. In the interview, John talks about how he got into the hobby, how his tastes in collecting have changed over time, and what game he would never sell. With John’s Arcade over 20K subscribers, Jacobsen gives some tips on what it takes to have a successful video series and podcast. John’s basement collection currently contains 35 games, and it is obvious that each on has a story behind it, and a special place in John’s heart. (Disclaimer: John is very animated when he speaks, and there is noise when he bumps the table as he talks with his hands throughout the interview.)


Gameroom Junkies Episode 52 - Interview with Rampage creator Brian Colin

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 52

Recorded: June 2015
Length: 1:05:03

Hot off the heels of the 2nd-annual Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo in Atlanta, the Gameroom Junkies dive right into episode 52 with our thoughts on another successful arcade and pinball convention. We go over some of our personal highlights from the event including a KISS pinball launch party, a live game show, and even some disco-loving zombies roaming the hall!  The bulk of this episode, however, comes from an interview we conducted with legendary video game designer Brian Colin. Mr. Colin is famous for his work on Rampage, Arch Rivals,Xenophobe, Sarge, Star Trek Voyager, and numerous others. In our interview we talk about the lasting legacy of Rampage and what went into creating a game so iconic that two days after the interview a Rampage movie was announced!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 51

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 51

Recorded: May 2015
Length: 1:55:51

Hosts Preston and Patrick dive right into the show to talk about their thoughts on the KISS Pinball theme, the new edition of Rock Band, Marvel’s Daredevil TV show (pinball sighting!), and the 2015 inductees into the World Video Game Hall of FameAfter some updates on what changes have been happening in their respective gamerooms, The Junkies discuss an epic bulk buy of classic arcade games in Mobile, AL. In the “Console Corner” segment, Bryan gives the scoop on two new console games releasing this summer: Splatoon and Witcher 3. Special thanks to Easy CoinUp for being this month’s sponsor and providing some samples for contest prizes in this episode. 


Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 50

Recorded: April 2015
Length: 2:26:12

This month on Gameroom Junkies, we take some extra time to celebrate our milestone 50th episode and addition to the GeekDad Podcast Network with a wide range of news, topics, and guest interviews. First off we discuss games in the news including the upcoming movies Tron 3and Adam Sandler’s Pixels. We interview the star of the movie King of Kong and video game player of the century Billy Mitchell to ask “what would Billy do?” Preston talks to console expert Bryan about the best console games for families to enjoy together, we answer viewer mail, and give our suggestions for a ’50s game room theme.

Louisville Arcade Expo

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 49

Recorded: March 2015
Length: 1:28:29

One half of the Junkies traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to experience the Louisville Arcade Expo. Learn about some of the great games Patrick got to play for the first time and his thoughts on the show. Also on this episode, we grab some quick interviews where people give their opinions on the most overrated and underrated pinball games. We answer some viewer questions including the legality of MAME, and the closing of Bob Roberts’ website. As always, we offer up some personal stories about what’s been happening in our own gamerooms. Finally, we tease an upcoming change for episode 50.

GJ_episode48Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 48

Recorded: January 2015
Length: 1:46:11

The guys are back with updates on their home gamerooms and the current state of the Atlanta arcade and pinball scene. After some updates on the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, Patrick goes on to discuss a bonehead repair he made. Preston then goes on to interview Houston-based collector Erich Stinson who shares some great collecting stories. This episode is sponsored by and Patrick takes some time to interview HSA founder Brian Weissmann and talk pinball. On this episode we also debut “Under the Radar,” yet another new segment about some cool under-appreciated games.

GJ_episode47Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 47

Recorded: December 2014
Length: 1:52:35

This month has been filled with drama in the pinball community. From Dutch Pinball to The Walking Dead Premium and even Nordman leaving Heighway Pinball, we talk about it all. We also get to talk with Ed Kelly of Edladdin Controllers about his inventions and he gives us some of his ideas for the WORST gameroom ideas. Patrick scores some interesting Christmas interviews and we hit the mailbag which leads us to discuss what makes the perfect MAME Cabinet. As always, we give our regular gameroom updates and sprinkle in some old-fashioned dorkiness to top off a fun-filled episode. This episode is sponsored by

GJ_episode46Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 46

Recorded: November 2014
Length: 1:40:01

We’re back for more with round 2 of our Pinball Expo experience! In this episode we talk about more highlights from the show including our thoughts on all the new games being released including The Big Lebowski, Full Throttle, America’s Most Haunted, The Walking Dead, Lexi Lightspeed: Galaxy Girl, The Hobbit, and more! We also scored some great interviews for you including Dan from Project Pinball, Robin from Pinside, and David from Life Under Glass. Lastly, we talk about another cool fan-submitted gameroom idea before closing the books on Episode 46! This episode is co-sponsored by Arcade Expo, the biggest arcade and pinball show in Southern California and by HSA Pinball, playfield restoration specialists!

GJ_episode45Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 45

Recorded: October 2014
Length: 1:12:16

October 2014 was the 30th anniversary of Pinball Expo in Chicago, and we were there. We’re back from our trip and have a ton to report! In this episode we run down the first couple of days at Expo including playing the Walking Dead Pinball, visiting the Stern Pinball factory, and meeting some cool people. In this episode we also have interviews with Andrew Heighway from Heighway Pinball and Gerry Stellenberg from Multimorphic who talk about their great new pinball games. This episode is sponsored by Arcade Expo! Check out!


GJ_episode44Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 44

Recorded: September 2014
Length: 1:43:32

The rumors were true and Stern Pinball has delivered the dream theme: The Walking Dead! Preston and Patrick give you their impression on the big reveal and talk features and pricing. After some discussion on the newest pinball to hit the market, Preston talks to longtime pinball insiders Mike Pacak and Rob Berk to discuss the 30th anniversary of Pinball Expo and what will be in store for the longest-running pinball show in the country. After some gameroom updates, the guys discuss some unique ideas for gameroom themes. Hope you enjoy the show!

GJ_episode43Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 43

Recorded: June 2014/Released September 2014
Length: 1:16:03

We originally thought this would never see the light of day, but after considerable editing, this recording from the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo is now available. Sit down and listen as loose lips sink ships with some of your favorite arcade and pinball podcasters. Brent & Whitney from Broken Token, Jonathan from Arcade Repair Tips, and Nate from Coast 2 Coast Pinball join the Gameroom Junkies to talk all things gaming after a roundup of the expo. Billy Mitchell crashes the panel to play some of his favorite voice mail messages from fans. We hope you enjoy podcasting “after dark.”

GJ_episode42Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 42

Recorded: August 2014
Length: 1:56:46

Author and arcade enthusiast Andy Hunt stops by the podcast to talk about his book, The Final Day at Westfield Arcade. After the interview and requisite updates about our gamerooms we dive headfirst into the listener mailbag. The topics we cover are wide-ranging, but include specific thoughts on MAME systems, and pinball tournament basics. In the middle of the show we have a surprise visit from Whitney Roberts of the Broken Token Podcast who plays a quick round of ten questions. Finally, we finish out the episode with our “just the tip” segment before pleading for mail.

GJ_episode41Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 41

Recorded: July 2014
Length: 1:40:32

In this third and final installment focused on all the fun had at the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, we discuss the final day of the show. At the end of the episode we provide an interview with two legendary pinball designers, Barry Oursler and John Trudeau. In addition to the wonderful interview of the designers of Space Shuttle, Pinbot, Congo, and Creature, we do take some time and go over current gameroom updates, a brief trip report, and even unveil a special song written just for us. Lastly, we stretch our wings a bit and try a new segment where we design a gameroom around a perfect theme. We hope you enjoy episode…wait for it…FORTY ONE!

GJ_episode40Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 40

Recorded: June 2014
Length: 1:33:33

There was so much fun at the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo, we couldn’t fit it all in one podcast. In this episode Patrick and Preston tell about all exciting events that happened on Saturday at SFGE: a Swap Meet, Battling Billy Mitchell, Storm Troopers, Sessions galore, and rocking out with a little Pac-Man fever and Rock Band! Stories galore and a peek behind the scenes of running our first show. Stick around for an interview with the King of Kong himself, Mr. Billy Mitchell.

GJ_episode39Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 39

Recorded: June 2014
Length: 1:37:31

We pulled off a successful Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo here in Atlanta, and now we are here to give you all the details. Sit back and relax as Preston and Patrick talk about their hard work running a world-class event. This episode ends with an interview from NAMCO Executive Vice President David Bishop where he talks about his history rising through the ranks of fixing arcade machines all the way to being the head of all of NAMCO’s public arcades and where the industry is headed. This is part 1 of 3 of our SFGE Breakdown.

GJ_episode38Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 38

Recorded: May 2014
Length: 1:08:01

Can you believe we got to go on ANOTHER warehouse raid? Details inside this bare bones episode of the podcast along with details about transporting an exhibiting 24 classic arcade games at MomoCon. Lastly, Preston regales us with a story about meeting Billy Mitchell.

GJ_episode37Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 37

Recorded: April 2014
Length: 38:35

No special guests, no interviews, no contests, no sponsors. Sit down with Patrick and Preston for this bare bones episode of Gameroom Junkies. We talk about our gameroom updates, some things we spotted on eBay, and all the cool pinball stuff revealed during the recent shows. We hope you enjoy the Worst Episode Ever!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 36

Recorded: March 2014
Length: 1:46:24

Preston’s back from the Louisville Arcade Expo with a trip report and an interview with pinball designer John Trudeau. We talk shop for a while before another interview, this time with the head of Jersey Jack Pinball, Jack Guarnieri. Junk Drawer is a new segment for the show filled with random questions we couldn’t fit elsewhere. In this episode we also pay tribute to a fallen podcaster, Steve Rothschild. Join us for another action-packed episode of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 35

Recorded: February 2014
Length: 1:55:43

In this episode, Charlie Emery from Spooky Pinball, LLC joins us for a conversation about how he went from pinball hobbyist to head of his own pinball manufacturing company and tells us what it’s like to be “livin’ the dream.” Preston is back from Jacksonville Arcade Expo with plenty of stories to share about games and not winning tournaments! While at JAX expo, Preston was able to talk to Donny White of Free Play Florida about his upcoming show and what possesses him to run so many pinball tournaments. A variety of questions abound in a lengthy viewer mail segment, and we answer the elusive question – “when is your collection complete?” Join us for this pinball-filled episode of the podcast!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 34

Recorded: January 2014
Length: 2:07:08

In this episode of the podcast we are joined by several interesting guests. First, we speak to legendary game designer and president of Specular Interactive, Steve Ranck to learn about his new Batman game. Next, we talk to arcade collector Craig about an incredible bulk purchase of rare games. Third, we speak to Marcel Gonzales about the Florida Arcade and Pinball Exposition. As always, we fill you in on our most recent gameroom updates, but this time we also have tales of a warehouse raid! Finally, we’re starting off the year filled with regret. Not really, but we take a look at some regrets we’ve had in the hobby so you can hopefully learn from our mistakes. Seriously, this is one of our best shows yet!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 33

Recorded: December 2013
Length: 1:56:52

We’re back for an extra-long 2-hour Holiday edition of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast. Preston and Patrick have a lot to catch up on since their last episode including a trip to Pinball Wizard arcade, gameroom updates, Kickstarter results, and reactions to Stern’s newest pinball title – 50 years of Mustang! We sit down for an interview with our friend Bryan Grantham to talk about his gameroom and his opinions on two of the hottest Christmas gift items this year – the Playstation 4 and the X-box One – to see which is right for YOUR gameroom. Before we leave, we take some time to talk about the amazing generosity exhibited in this incredible hobby of ours.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 32

Recorded: October 2013
Length: 1:30:31

After Pinball Expo in Chicago, it is only natural that this episode leans a little heavy on the pinball talk. We get right down to business promoting our Kickstarter campaign for the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo before talking about what we did and didn’t do during our forced work furlough. We follow up last episode’s discussion about improving sound quality on games by some methods to improve lighting on games in your gameroom. Then we jump right into a review segment taking a look at some really cool hobby-related films that were recently released. Finally we check in with arcade and pinball “evangelist” Jared Guynes, who has gone from zero to sixty in less than a year to promote the hobby we all love. Everyone find a buddy and hold hands, this is podcast episode 32!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 31

Recorded: September 2013
Length: 1:18:10

In this episode of the podcast we take some time to learn about Mech Corps battle pods, talk up the new Star Trek pinall, reveal more special guests coming to the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo, and discuss the virtues of audio upgrades to your games. Enjoy the usual banter as we talk about our own personal gamerooms, some trips to local gaming venues, and even a lesson learned the hard way. Put your quarter on the machine, you’re next in line for the Gameroom Junkies Podcast!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episdoe 30

Recorded: August 2013
Length: 1:22:14

Preston and Patrick have some exciting guests to announce for SFGE and sit down to talk gameroom planning and execution with their own guest – collector John Schlarb. Ever seen a game in a weird place? Listen to the contest entries we received for the weirdest game seen on location to see how yours stacks up. The Gameroom Junkies also take some time to answer viewer questions, touch on some news items and update the listeners on what’s happening in their own gamerooms. Get back off the horse, The Gameroom Junkies Podcast is riding back into town!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 29

Recorded: July 2013
Length: 01:33:03

In this episode of the podcast Preston sits down for a chat with documentary filmaker Jeff Von Ward to discuss his new movie The Space Invaders: In Search of Lost Time. We also take some time to answer listener questions and respond to some recent feedback. Then we tackle the subject of arcade rentals, our personal gameroom updates, and even have a listener voicemail. Plug in those earbuds or crank it up for your neighbors to hear. This is the Gameroom Junkies Podcast!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 28

Recorded: June 2013
Length: 01:03:57

In this episode of the Podcast, Preston recently made a trip out to Hollywood and was greeted by plenty of Gameroom Junkies. We talk about Pins and Needles in Los Angeles and have a great interview to talk about the gameroom of collector and great guy Phil Lefebvre. In addition to all that, we announce the winner of the beer tapper handles, have a great tip for restoration, and as always, have plenty to talk about in our own personal gamerooms. Oh yeah, and Metallica pinball is in the house! Join us for another month of fun!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 27

Recorded: May 2013
Length: 02:16:47

We took your feedback to heart and have gone back to our roots by interviewing two regular joes that happen to be huge gameroom junkies: Juan Jusino and Eric Hoshooley. Also, with the focus back on gamerooms themselves, we read listener feedback to our question of “What kind of gameroom would you create with a budget of only $1500?” Of course there’s plenty of personal gameroom updates, current events, and even a major announcement regarding a new project helmed by Preston and Patrick (and friends) themselves. Join us, won’t you?

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 26

Recorded: April 2013
Length: 02:01:26

Join Preston and Patrick for a fantastic 26th episode of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast. We are experiencing pinball fever with a detailed discussion of Preston’s trip to PAPA World Headquarters for Pinburgh 2013. We also have a wonderful interview with IFPA President and top-ranked pinball player Josh Sharpe. Next we have an awesome in-depth interview with Adam Pratt, owner of the Game Grid Arcade in Utah and author of the new book “The Arcade Experience” to find out about the current state of arcades and Family entertainment centers and where the future is headed. We mix both pinball and arcade talk as we take a look back at all the different iterations of Star Trek games throughout history, learn an important tip in our “Just the Tip” segment, and of course, as we keep you up-to-date on the happenings of our own gamerooms. Buckle up! It’s long, but fun ride!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 25

Recorded: March 2013
Length: 01:49:43

After a brief hiatus the Gameroom Junkies are back with even more tales of addiction to the arcade and pinball hobby! Updates abound along with discussion of record breaking, making tough decisions, and adding unique touches to your gameroom. The interviews in this episode are epic with both collector Whitney Roberts and “the man who saved pinball,” Roger Sharpe! Saddle up and ride along for the triumphant return of the “biggest dorks in the world”!


Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 24

Recorded: December 2012
Length: 01:28:43

Summary: Cozy up to the fire and settle in for a long winter’s night of gaming memories in this 2012 Holiday edition of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast. We share our own memories of Christmases past along with tales of yore from several listeners and fans of the show. In anticipation of the end of the year that saw many games’ 30th anniversaries, we look to the Shorlist Magazine’s list of the best retro games and give our take on their opinions. As always, we share our personal updates, but in addition to that, we have a visit with Marty Goldberg, one of the authors of “Atari Inc., Business is Fun” for some interesting stories from the early days of Atari.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 23

Recorded: November 2012
Length: 01:50:46

It’s been a busy month for the Gameroom Junkies. From a fruitless search by Patrick for arcades in England to the start of a new gameroom after a move for Preston, the boys have been hard at work. The regular shop talk this week is filled with updates, funny stories, interesting collectors, and even a few tricks of the trade. Filmaker and collector Dave Danzara stops by to talk to us about his upcoming documentary film – The Video Craze (Be sure to check out the film’s extended trailer below), and young pinball phenom Dante stops by to talk about the effects of pinball on the younger generation. Lastly, we take a dip in the mailbag before putting episode 23 down in the books. Drop a quarter in this one, won’t you?

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 22

Recorded: October 2012
Length: 1:29:22

In episode 22 of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast, Preston and Patrick join forces with Charlie and K.T from theSpooky Pinball Podcast and Jeff and Don from The Pinball Podcast to form Voltron a podcasting roundtable and discuss “pinflation”, or where prices for pinball will go in the future. (This is the first in a series of three roundtable discussions, so be sure to listen to the other podcasts to hear the rest of the conversation.) Additionally, we also chat about the downfall of the CRT monitor in arcade games, personal gameroom updates, and some other fun stuff along the way.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 21

Recorded: September 2012
Length: 1:38:49

We’ve been Podcrashed! After a brief hiatus, Preston and Patrick are back with Episode 20 of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast.  The highlight of this episode is being “crashed” by comedian and new media celebrity, Mr. Chris Gore. Recorded at DragonCon 2012, the conversation bobs and weaves between arcade games, movies about arcade games, and console games of yesteryear. In addition to their personal gameroom updates, the guys also discuss latest on Jersey Jack Pinball’s Wizard of Oz pinball and Preston gives his impressions of Stern’s X-Men Pinball. Finally, Patrick reluctantly participates in the return of the “Name that Game”  segment featuring classic 80’s vids.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 20

Recorded: July 2012
Length: 1:38:49

On Episode 20 of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast, Preston and Patrick welcome collector Ken Rossi and hear how he created his very own pinball tournament.  The guys also reveal the winning entries for the “Invent your own Gameroom Theme” contest, describe a bevy of personal gameroom updates, give the final results of their big warehouse parts raid, and provide a behind the scenes peak of Auction Kings.  Additionally, listener feedback prompted discussions on gameroom considerations when buying a new home, how to find other collectors in your community, and a very unusual Craigslist ad!

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 19

Recorded: June 2012
Length: 1:56:39

This episode is chock full of great collector interviews. From John Schlarb who talks to us about interesting trades and the reason he hated video games as a kid, to Rodney Minch who talks to us abou his gameroom full of vids and how he’s used his hobby to earn a lifetime of free beer, to Dana Reeves who talks to us about being one of the coolest wives in the hobby! As always, Preston and Patrick offer commentary on recent events in their collection and in the hobby as a whole. Be sure to listen for this month’s contest and offer your own perfect lineup.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast Episode 18

Recorded: May 2012
Length: 1:15:52

It was a busy month for the Gameroom Junkies. After talking about some recent gameroom updates, we recount the fun we had during this blur of a month. Starting with the Atlanta Pinswap, we take you along as we remember the fun we had there along with our trip to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdownand plenty of time spent at the 1up “barcade”. Collector and personal friend of ours, Shannon DeWitt rides shotgun with us as he recounts growing up gaming and the fun had on our recent adventures. Our contest this month is sponsored by to promote the release of Pins and Vids 4: A New Hoax.

Gameroom Junkies Podcast – Episode 17

Recorded: April 2012

Episode 17 of the podcast brings you an interview with Dan Nikolich from the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown! Preston and Patrick talk about all of the new innovation and competition arising in the world of pinball along with Preston’s efforts to start a new competitive pinball league. Listen to the show for your chance to win a prize pack from the Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown. Also, hear all about the Gameroom Junkies’ latest warehouse raid of forgotten and neglected classic arcade games. Lastly, we share with you our first-ever google voicemail message for a lot of laughs. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Back to the Arcade. Visit them for all your gameroom needs and tell them we said “Hi!” 

Gameroom Junkies Podcast – Episode 16

Recorded: March 2012

In this episode, we have a fantastic interview with Annie Spiritos of the Rusty Quarters Arcade. Annie and her husband are living the collector’s dream by opening a retro arcade and turning their hobby into a money-making business! Also in this episode we discuss our love of the oft-neglected electromechanical pinball machine. Listen along as Preston and Patrick talk about recent gameroom stories, acquisitions, and anectdotes as well as how the hobbyist community has pulled together to help one of their own. Be sure to listen for your chance to win a set of AC/DC pint glasses to booze it up next to your new Stern pinball.


Gameroom Junkies Breakdown: Stern Electronics’ Berzerk

Recorded: February, 2012
Length: 15:07

In this episode we breakdown the 1980 arcade classic – Berzerk. On this podcast you’ll hear the game’s history, gameplay, and pop culture factoids! Uh Oh! Here come’s Evil Otto!

Gameroom Junkies  – Episode 15

Recorded: January 2012
Length: 1:39:14

We’re back to basics in this episode talkin’ shop and chatting with a fellow collector. In this episode we discuss our thoughts about the new Stern Pinball, share some personal gameroom updates including the possibility of a reality TV show appearance. Collector Jeff Waldron drops in to talk about his collecting experiences over an amazing 16 years and imparts plenty of nuggets of wisdom before we put him to the test with “Name the Game!” Two fun contests bookend our show with fantastic prizes courtesy of and!

Gameroom Junkies Breakdown: Atari’s Tempest

Recorded: January 2012
Length: 20:51

Our first ever “Breakdown” episode brings you more information than you require about the classic arcade hit by Atari, Tempest. This quick edition of the podcast will teach you history, gameplay tips, and how much to pay to have one in your gameroom! Enjoy, but avoid the spikers!

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 14

Recorded: December 2011
Length: 1:37:30

Strap in for another great show. In this episode we announce the winners of the 2011 Gameroom of the Year contest and have an awesome warehouse raid story to share. We talk with Todd Tuckey from TNT Amusements along with Corey Armedia and Nate Hall about the new reality TV show called “High Score”. Aside from personal gameroom updates and another edition of the cleverly titled “Name the movie with that game in it”, we’ve have also have not one, but TWO awesome contests with prizes.

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 13

Recorded: November 2011
Length: 1:23:08

It’s our 1 year anniversary episode and we reminisce about the past 12 episodes of the podcast. Pinheads rejoice as this episode is chock-full of pinball talk with visits to the Stern Transformers launch party and another Atlanta Pin Swap. Arcade enthusiasits will enjoy a riveting interview with former Gorf world record holder and the brains behind The Lost Highway Chronicles, John McCann. Finally, “Name the Game” returns, but this time local Atlanta collectors are in the hot seat.

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 12

Recorded: September 2011
Length: 1:55:38

Find a seat and get ready for the show. In this episode, Preston and Patrick take a trip to the movies by discussing documentary films centered around coin-op. The movie theme extends to the game portion of the podcast along with discussions about this episode’s non-game gameroom item: popcorn machines. Collector Rob McDole of and joins us over the phone to talk about his passion for all things pinball and arcade and how he went from a 0-60 in less than a year. This episode of the podcast is sponsored by, creators of The Pinball Book for iPhone.

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 11

Recorded: August 2011
Length: 1:39:44

Collector Sean Newton is on the line to give us all the details about his contributions to Google Sketchup to help collectors layout their gamerooms. He also fills us in on the book he authored called Bits, Sticks, and Buttons in addition to sharing a few collecting stories along the way. A large part of this show is devoted to the beginner collector and answers common questions like, “Where can I find games?”, “What should I look out for when purchasing?”, and more. Regular parts of the show are back including personal gameroom updates, lessons learned the hard way, along with everyone’s favorite trivia segment, “Name the Game!”

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 10

Recorded: July 2011
Length: 1:54:52

In this episode of the podcast, Preston is in a state of bliss as he talks about his first ever new-in-box purchase…Tron. We have a great interview with collector David Fix who has plenty of stories to share about collecting, restoring, and even running a show. We answer listener questions before offering a new contest courtesy of this show’s sponsor – who sells quality T-molding for all your restoration needs. Lessons learned the hard way, one of our favorite segments, is back. We finish out the show with another rousing edition of “Name the Game”

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 9

Recorded: June 2011
Length: 1:50:13

In this episode of the podcast we go on location to the launch party for Stern’s Tron Legacy pinball. We then are able to sit down for a chat with the hosts of the Pins and Vids DVD series Paul Kiefert and Al Warner. Aside from being assets to the hobby, they are funny and truly nice guys with great collections. Of course, we give you personal gameroom updates, but this episode we threw a curveball and decided to end the show with a new trivia game we like to call “Name the Game.” This episode of the podcast is brought to you by the artwork reproduction experts at This Old Game.

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 8

Recorded: May 2011
Length: 2:11:15

We attended the first-ever Atlanta Pin Swap and scored some great interviews with event organizer Tim Christie and pinball tech James Lunceford. We then talk about our exciting New York City adventure where we played pins and arcades on location follwed by an interview with collector and operator Allen Cihak. We round out the episode by talking about the upcoming Stern Tron: Legacy pinball release, personal gameroom updates, plug a few resources, and discuss our Top 5 Arcade games for kids.

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 7

Recorded: April 2011
Length: 1:28:59

This episode of Gameroom Junkies Arcade and Pinball Podcast is loaded with pinball goodness. We scored an exclusive interview with Gene Goodman of Retro Pinball to talk about the now ready-to-ship King of Diamonds pinball machine and to reveal the super-sweet price point to score one of these beauties. After that we talk to collector “Sparky” Malmberg about his killer gameroom and how some extra credits on a pinball machine back in the day started him on his road to being a gameroom junkie! We also give personal gameroom updates, shout outs, and more. We finish out the episode with our top 5 party games!

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 6

Recorded: March 2011
Length: 1:45:45

In this episode of the podcast, our special guest is Damon Claussen, a former contestant on the hit TV show STARCADE. He talks about his experience on the show, owning Blast from the Past amusements, and how his love of gaming is still going strong. Aside from an awesome interview, we talk about personal gameroom updates, hold our first contest where we give away free copies of The Pinball Book for iPad, and talk about game-inspired music to rock out in your gameroom. Filling out your audio experience, we talk about our Top 5 game sounds. Rock and Roll, BABY!

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 5

Recorded: February 2011
Length: 1:48:45

On Episode 5, Patrick and Preston kick off the show by opening the mail bag for the first time to hear from some of you, the listeners. We get to find out the outcomes of some recent gameroom scores including a massive Playchoice deal, and a 3-pin bulk purchase. We mourn the loss of Guitar Hero to the world along, tell some stories about “lessons learned the hard way”, and talk to our new friend, Houston collector Joe Reyna. We finish out our show by listing the Top 5 things to have in your gameroom (that aren’t pins or vids). Listen, laugh, enjoy.

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 4

Recorded: January 2011
Length: 1:51:56

On Episode 4, Preston and Patrick discuss the big changes that have happened in the past month including the announcement of a NEW pinball manufacturer. Wheelin’ and dealin’ talk abounds, and they are joined by a very involved New England collector, John Jacobsen. John talks about his love of everything nintendo, describes a rare mini pinball, and discusses the importance of a community of collectors. There is plenty of pinball talk including the discussion of the next three Stern Pinball titles to be released: Rolling Stones, Tron, and…Muppets (?)!. The regular segment, “non-game gameroom items” is back and this time we talk about signage. We finish out the show with our Top 5 lists for games that will NEVER be in our game rooms!

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 3

Recorded: December 2010
Length: 1:23:27

On Episode 3, Patrick and Preston are joined by local Atlanta collector Art Sumner. Art talks about his earliest coin-op memories and how he got into “the game” of collecting. Art shares about his extensive collection of “dedicated” MAME cabinets. There is plenty of Tron talk including Art’s unique dedicated Space Paranoids cabinet. The regular segment, “lessons learned the hard way” is back. We finish out the show with our Top 5 lists (Pinball themes that were never made, but need to be, dang it!)

Gameroom Junkies – Episode 2

Recorded: November 2010
Length: 1:04:46

On Episode 2, Preston and I talk about a recent arcade auction we attended, highlight a rather unique item to accessorize your gameroom, discuss a simple tech tip related to GI lighting in pins, talk about some recent game purchasing activity we have had, and more.  We, of course, round things out with a Top 5 (Pins played – not in emulation).  We had a great time doing the show and hope other folks enjoy it as well!

Gameroom Junkies – Episode: 1

Recorded: October 2010
Length: 1:13:22

On the first show we introduce ourselves, discuss our earliest memories of arcades, and talk about how we got into the hobby.  We also talk about a cool trip we took to a throwback arcade in Utah, resources for the hobby,   and our personal top 5 classic video games.


  1. I just finished listening to the first episode and am quite excited at what you guys are doing. I listen to several other game related shows and agree there is room for more. I lived in the Golden Age of arcades having graduated high school in 1983. Looking back, I wish I knew then how short that time would be.

    My top 5 would be:

    5 Donkey Kong
    4 Space Duel
    3 Asteroids
    2 Star Castle
    1 Joust

    Honerable mention for Track And Field and basically any vector game.

    love the show so far. Keep it up! and if you ever decide to have a listener call in show, i would love to take part.

    Dave in Des Moines

    • Hey Dave. I have a Star Castle for sale . . . . and I’m not tooooooooooo far away (just kinda far away). – Cazzzmo in ND, 701-833-2142

    • Ken, Thanks for the catch! I have updated the URL. Sorry for any troubles everyone!

  2. Hi Chaps,
    Long time listener of your show since Episode 1 and based in the UK. Glad to see you are still concentrating on the Video Game side of things. I’m a bit of a Retro fan myself and I thought you might like to see my latest home project – Pong Watch.

    I have a few other projects too you might be interested it, have a browse.

    All the best,

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