Podcast #66: ‘The New 8-Bit Heroes’ with Joe Granato

Gameroom Junkies Podcast #66: 'The New 8-Bit Heroes' with Joe Granato

In episode 66 of the Gameroom Junkies podcast, Patrick continues our coverage of Dragon Con 2016 as he sits down with filmmaker and game developer Joe Granato. Joe talks about the origins of his film The New 8-Bit Heroes, which chronicles his project to develop a brand-new adventure game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. As a bonus, Patrick also gets a chance to try his hand at the drag and drop development environment created by Joe’s team in support of the project. Additionally, in this episode we discuss the recently confirmed Batman ’66 pinball machine from Stern Pinball and our thoughts about the “privilege” of owning the Super LE version of the game.

Stream the podcast below:

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