ColorDMD Announces AC/DC Replacement Display

AC/DC Pinball Color DMD

For those about to rock, there’s the Color DMD!

ColorDMD revealed that AC/DC would be the newest addition to their line of replacement display kits for pinball machines today. With a video showing highlights from their newly-colored animated dots, they made many pinball owners happy. What is already considered a modern classic by most pinball fans, Stern Pinball’s AC/DC is now closer to perfection with this new enhancement kit. Don’t take our word for it though! You know this product is a hit when even the game’s designer, Steve Ritchie, throws a compliment your way.


ColorDMD has been creating upgrade kits for a few years to bring some color to the otherwise drab orange illumination of a typical dot matrix display on modern pinball machines. With the release of AC/DC, the number of games they support is nearly twenty and includes numerous mega-hits such as Attack From Mars, Medieval Madness, Addams Family, and more! The product quality is top-notch, but doesn’t come cheaply. The add-on ColorDMD kit will set buyers back $399! No word yet on what’s next, but we’re sure it will be great! Check out the video below to see this new kit in action.

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Preston Burt

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