New Mylstar Multi JAMMA Arcade PCB!


Mylstar JAMMA arcade circuit board


Have you been searching in vain for a Q*Bert or the incredibly desired Mad Planets? Well, now’s your chance to access those rare games that have been out of your reach for so long! Introducing the Mylstar Multi-game JAMMA PCB! Unlike the current Chinese circuit boards that play the same 60 games in every multicade out there, this new board plays classic Gottlieb games including the incredibly rare Three Stooges and even the never-released Screw Loose! Also, you won’t have to worry about reliability like those current imported knock-offs, this board is an official JROK product.

While the board is built using the universal JAMMA connection, controlling the game may still be an issue without the proper control panel layout and components. No fear, it seems that ArcadeShop sells most, if not all, of the parts for these classic games including the cabinets. If you can’t find an original out in the wild, then now’s your chance to build your own. The Mylstar mulit-game JAMMA PCB costs $225 and is available from ArcadeShop.com.

Complete Game List:
Q*bert’s Qubes
Faster Harder More Challanging Q*bert
Mellow Yellow Q*bert
Mad Planets
Screw Loose
Three Stooges

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Preston Burt

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