Save the Date – THE GAME!

What happens when a game-loving couple decides to get married, and one-half of the happy couple is a Flash programmer? You get “Save the Date”, the GAME! Instead of the old-fashioned notecard announcement, Barry, who’s gameroom was previously featured here on Gameroom Junkies, went all out and coded a fully-playable, NES-style platform video game from scratch.

Play the game for yourself here: http://game.katieandbarry.com/

Here’s a description of the game from Barry:

“Play as the miniature cake topper versions of my fiancé or myself (your pick) as you climb a huge wedding cake, make your way through presents, and a few other wedding inspired levels. The main villain of the game is an emotionless robot with a circular saw blade for an arm. The smaller bad guys are various hors d’oeuvres that we hate: Shrimp, Deviled Eggs and Broccoli. Our yellow lab, Olive, serves as a guide.”

As if the online flash game wasn’t enough, Barry put us all to shame and hand-crafted a dedicated arcade cabinet for his gameroom. Based off the design of a KLAX game, the “Save the Date” cabaret was born. The arcade version has some special modifications to allow it to accept quarters, limit the number of lives, and even includes an attract mode. And what’s an arcade game without an official promotional flyer.

After more than a month of work, the game is completely finished. And after more than 10 years, it seems that Barry and Katie’s journey toward holy matrimony is nearly complete as well. I’m sure your future years together will be happy ones. Just watch out for robots.

Preston Burt

The co-host of the Gameroom Junkies Podcast, Preston is a writer and designer living outside Atlanta, GA. He has an affinity for VHS tapes, and an obsession with arcade games and pinball machines. He is a contributing writer for GeekDad, Paste and RETRO Magazines, and a founder of the Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo.

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