Ben Heck’s Zombie Adventureland Pinball Machine

Ben Heck's Zombie Adventureland Pinball Machine

John Popadiuk, reknowned pinball designer, and “modding genius” Benjamin Heckendorn have been teasing us about an upcoming custom pinball machine for a few months now and it looks like they are ready to deliver on their promises. “The Pinball Inventor” just released further details along with ordering information for the upcoming custom pinball machine – Ben Heck’s Zombie Adventureland. From the features list, it appears that this game will be overrun with gadgets, customized toys, and ZOMBIES!

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The promotional video and flyer announce that this zombie pinball machine will come with magnets, customizeable toy robots, 3-D effects, and a color LCD screen to boot! If all this sounds like it will cost a lot of money, it will – at $9,995 for the fully constructed version, and $10,995 for the Do-It-Yourself kit version. However, this machine is a considerable discount than Popadiuk’s last custom pinball machine, Magic Girl, which sold for $16,000.

This machine will be a limited edition run of only 99, so if you can swing it, be sure to place your order now as these will be extremely collectible and (as Big Bang Bar has shown us) will probably command a premium price in years to come. A $750 deposit will secure your game today, with $2900 due within 30 days. For those of us with smaller pockets, t-shirts and other promotional material will be available for purchase to support a small start-up project.

Be sure to check back for more zombie pinball updates as we learn them!


Preston Burt

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