The Bride was Framed!


Framed Bride of Pinbot Flyer

Here on Gameroom Junkies, we try to highlight interesting “non-game” gameroom items and I wanted to share something I received as a gift this Christmas..  Our regular listeners will recall my affection, search, and eventual procurement of a Williams “The Machine: Bride of Pinbot” pinball machine (Plug Note: The guys over at The Pinball Podcast do a great feature segment on this game in their most recent episode).  My older brother actually found the game for me and he came through again this Christmas with an awesome custom framed display of the original flyer.  The black frame with silver and orange-brown matting really highlight the colors that were used to make the game’s artwork (and flyer!) so cool.  The original flyer is a single page, printed on the front and back,  so this display actually took 2 flyers to make. As you can see from the pictures, it has found a place right next to my machine and I thrilled to have it.

I know there are some folks who collect these game flyers and may have done similar displays and we would love to hear about them so drop us an email or leave a comment!

On a slightly related note, I was also given the gift of a reproduction side art set for my much loved Star Castle video game.  It looks like my Star Castle restoration will be sooner rather than later!

So, it was kind of a gameroom Christmas for me – here’s hoping all you gameroom junkies out there are having a safe and happy holiday season as well!


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