Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2 is ready for prime time!  The audio quality on our second foray into amateur broadcasting is much better than the first, but we still think we can do better.  On Episode 2, Preston and I talk about a recent arcade auction we attended, highlight a rather unique item to accessorize your gameroom, discuss a simple tech tip related to GI lighting in pins, talk about some recent game purchasing activity we have had, and more.  We, of course, round things out with a Top 5 (Pins played – not in emulation).  We had a great time doing the show and hope other folks enjoy it as well! I also wanted to make mention that our podcasts are now available to download on iTunes. Just search for “gameroom junkies” and listen to us on your iPod.

Episode 2


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  1. Hey Preston i thought the white cockpit was an old Astron Belt. The old marquee was underneath and you may have noticed the chair was missing the armchair style console controls that Star Trek came with. Maybe there were two and i didn’t see the other one?

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