Episode 1 Audio Quality

Well, I’ve done the post production work on the first episode of our Gameroom Junkies adventure.  There was a bit of a learning curve with Audacity, but I got the segments, voice-overs, and music all put together. It took a lot of time, but I really enjoyed doing it!  We are not really happy with the audio quality of the segments Preston and I recorded.  I think it is some combination of equipment, recording settings, and location.  Our friend Shannon is going to see if there are any tweaks he can do to help it sound better.  He’s the magic man, so if anything can be done he will be all over it!  We’ll do what we can for episode 1, but we will definitely be working to make the Episode 2 audio quality much better!  Episode 1 should be released in a matter of days…stay tuned!


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